About Us


Many years ago I was a carriage driver, tour guide in Philadelphia. I worked with a horse as a partner giving time traveling tours through the National Park. I was never happier in my life and while I would eventually have to leave I could not leave behind the incredible love and appreciation I had grown to have for them all.


I will always feel indebted to the fine horse people at 76 Carriage Co., a leading urban stable in Philadelphia, for giving me that opportunity and for their part in completely changing my life in such a positive and important way. 


Later, together with a few other carriage drivers and friends we started what we hoped could be a real sanctuary for working horses that allows the public to participate in caring for them and learning all about them, especially their important historical contributions and the future potential partnerships into the future. 


For 11 yrs we made an incredible difference in so many horses and humans lives that it would be impossible to recount it all. Last winter before COVID 19 I decided to close Blue Star Equiculture and carry on with the mission privately. 


This is that work, a service that continues to unfold and take care of the retired, disabled and homeless horses we have grown to love. This time I am determined to make sure that the fullness of this mission is realized. An integrated management and design system that includes all of life! 


I also want to continue to tell the stories of the horses, they are the most interesting and surprising teachers and friends of all. Each and every one is unique with different experiences and challenges and personalities. 


It is our hope to share the horses found on these pages, so that you too can begin to include them in your lives in meaningful ways that matter most to you.


We hope you join us with your love and appreciation for these noble friends and together we draft a better future for all. 


Visit or Call! We are always here for you!



Pamela Rickenbach