The Soil is Alive, Feed the Soil!

 Our formulas are perfect for all soil types. Chemical lawn and garden care practices expose and make vulnerable the plants and soil to disease and pest pressure. In order to manage these outbreaks, more fungicide/pesticide must be used, depleting and degrading the soil further.


FeedBack Liquid Compost can be used to replace these harmful substances and it will protect the life in the plants and soil while making it stronger, driving the roots deeper and repairing the soil so that it can have the fertility and strength to deal with harmful impacts. The use of FeedBack Liquid Compost in the garden and on farms increases production, in some crops like Hemp, up to 30%! The formula will also “turn on” genetic markers for color and taste, giving you exceptional produce. 


FeedBack Liquid Compost is pH neutral and will deliver a rich blend of humates (prehistoric compost) and vitamins and minerals that will go to directly feed the biology in the soil while driving the rooting as deep as 17in. Feedback will also decompact and aerate eliminating the need to do so with machinery.  FeedBack Liquid Compost can be used along with other soil products too, it will help them do their job better! 

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We have several well known, nurseries, sod farms, gardens and tree farms and established golf courses in the Northeast who have used and continue to use these products with great satisfaction, if you would like to have some references.