Stardust Organics Brochure


We hope you will join us in giving them the opportunities they deserve so that they can stay alongside us. You can become a part of our efforts by visiting them, hiring them for real horse-powered jobs such as wagon rides, carriage rides, private and public events, parades, sensitive environmental help with skidding logs, soil restoration application and much much more. 


We are also offering several classes in Draft Horse Driving Level 1. This class is good for agricultural and commercial purposes. These classes are available privately and in a 12wk comprehensive course, offered 2x this year. This class tends to fill quickly so don't hesitate contacting us for more information. 


We are open to work exchange and sliding scale payments. We are seeking sponsors for up to 30 individuals in 2021. Learn more here on our GOFUNDME page.


Maybe you would like to do a photo shoot with some of our rare breeds or favorites. You may have your own idea of what you would like as personal or private time with a favorite horse.