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Meet our contributors

We are grateful for the contributions of many people, especially these artists who donate their time and talent for the benefit of our herd:

Andrea Caluori

Andrea Caluori is a multimedia artist located in the hills of Western MA.  Although she grew up in the Bronx, NY she spent her summers at a living history museum in Massachusetts learning how to live a  seasonal life on a historic farm. Andrea has raised dairy goats, and worked with horses both in the saddle and on the lines.  She has a lot of reverence for working animals and sincere admiration for those who commit their lives to their welfare, history and present stories. Her artwork tries to capture the whimsy and magic of a handmade and compassionate life as well as the creatures with whom we share it.

Saff Almon

Four Horses is an adornment project for both body and home based on energy work created by Saff Almon; a New England energy worker and artist. Exploring themes based in ancestral spellwork the designs dive into and support personalized energy practices. Ethical, equitable and ecological materials are of utmost moral importance to the offering; values that originally connected the designer to Equiculture's mission and energy. The collection of work available is brought to life with the generous contributions from the beautiful spirits at Equiculture lending their generational and transformative energetics to each wearer through mane and tail hair. Each piece is a reminder of our bond with these sacred beings and the medicine we share with each other.


Gene Avery North

Originally from Memphis, Tennessee, Gene Avery North studied painting and photography with Burton Callicott and William Eggleston, respectively. She currently resides in the hill country of Northern California.

Strongly influenced by the realism of the fifteenth century Flemish and Italian masters, Gene uses her technical capability, combined with spiritual symbolism, to create a very realistic dreamtime world.

For Gene, the creative process begins with an impression, a fully developed image which is the inspiration itself. Little or nothing is done to change or interpret these original “ideas” or lucid dreams. The meaning of these symbols is up to the viewer.

“Symbolism, blankety blank, bring forth, bow wow mystical elegance, mozart!” Other than that, Gene really has very little to say.


Carole Wiley

I began photographing Birds and Birds in flight seriously in the early 2000's, traveling to many different states and countries in persuit of many of the extraordinary birds the world has to offer. One night in 2015 I heard someone mention Blue Star Equiculture and decided to give Pam a call.  At that time I told her that I was a bird photographer and 2015 was going to be my "year of the horse" and asked if I could photograph the horses of Blue Star. Pam, of course said yes, as she is always eager to share the horses in her care.  The rest, as they say is history.


Since my first trip to Equiculture I have photographed horses from Maine to New Mexico,  in water and  in snow. I have photographed the Icelandic Horse, Horses of the Camarque, the Lusatano in Portugal and the Horses of Mongolia, wild horses and domestic horses, with and without people. Needless to say I have become an Equine Photographer. But the horses I love the most, the horses by which every other horse is measured, the horses of my heart are the horses of Equiculture. Those massive gentle giants that Pam gave me access to almost a decade ago. 

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