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Why Our Soil Products?

The foundation of Organic Growing begins with an understanding that plant life depends on healthy soil. These two are inseparably linked. Once this relationship is broken in comes; plant disease, insect infestation, opportunistic weeds, inferior plants and buying into the deception that the answer is using deadly products containing carcinogens, mutagens, toxic heavy metals or endocrine disruptors.

These toxins affect the whole community, bioregion, watershed, hemisphere and planet in increasingly detrimental ways to all of life on earth.

There are VITAL and dramatic alternatives to toxic products!

 Stardust Organics promotes products and practices that stimulate health, restore life and detoxify affected soil and plants. All proceeds from purchases support Equiculture's sanctuary for retired, disabled, and homeless work horses.








What are Humates?
The Soil is Alive!
Opportunistics vs Beneficials
FeedBack Liquid Compost

Our featured and most requested product is perfect for everything that grows indoors and outdoors.

Used for: House Plants, Lawns, Nurseries, Trees, Flowers, Vegetables, Ornamentals, Organic Gardening, Pasture Restoration, Golf Courses & Greenhouses, and Hydroponic crops of any kind.

Essentially, anything that grows will benefit from FeedBack Liquid Compost.

First Soil Catalyst on market used professionally since 1969! Ask for references for your industry!

Super Concentrate (FB2)

FeedBack 2 Liquid Compost produces 17″ roots in turf with great biomass achieved. It balances deficient soil by adding nutrition including; humic and ulmic acids, trace elements, kelp, surfactants, enzymes and sugar cane ferment.


FeedBack 2 is a gourmet meal for soil bacteria and acts as a soil catalyst, activating soil life and promoting deep rooting.


Our customers’ experience with FeedBack 2 shows that it reduces plant stress, helps plants resist drought, fight pollution and activates soil.


Research at Yale University on the effects of Feedback 2 shows improved growth even in low (acidic) pH. An input program using FeedBack 2 in conjunction with Organic (low-salt) fertilizer in a 50% or greater reduction is very effective.

40 Reasons to try FeedBack

1.) SOIL FOOD – 77 Trace elements provides excellent soil and solution nutrition.
2.) FBLC breaks water surface tension making water wetter- plant nutrient uptake increases. Exploits plant turgor pressure allowing more diverse nutrients to flow from root to shoot!
3.) Increases CEC (Cat-ion Exchange Capacity of the soil!)
4.) Contains amino acids the building blocks of protein.
5.) FBLC saves water use up to 45% – soil “holds on” to water until needed by plants.
6.) Excellent diverse dense carbon Beneficial Microbe (bacteria and fungi food).
7.) Increases disease prevention creating an aerobic environment uncomfortable for disease causing organisms to thrive in.
8.) FBLC Enzymes anti-septic against pathogens.
9.) Increases water dispersal for better foliar coverage even under the leaf! Water + nutrient go deeper into the soil.
10.) PENETRATES- opens up compacted soil de-compacts naturally- without expensive equipment.
11.) Aerates soil without machinery just drench in.
12.) Promotes massive roots (greater root mass plants get more water and nutrients).
13.) Promotes longer roots (i.e.; 15” turf roots) – increases drought resistance.
14.) FBLC Enzymes catalyze element & nutrient cycling. (Turns on – activates).
15.) FBLC Enzymes breakdown cellulose, protein, fats/oils/lipids and turns them into plant food.
16.) Provides naturally occurring root growth hormones; auxins (cellular growth), cytokinins (diffuse (budding) & lateral (branching growth) & gibberellins (root growth).
17.) Significantly reduces drought transplant shock and disease stress – Guaranteed.
18.) Makes soil more malleable (softens soil).
19.) Stimulates Maximum Prime Plant growth full DNA expression.
20.) Increases plant vigor.
21.) Increases flowering growth internodes.
22.) Provides complete micro nutrient plant requirements.
23.) Breaks down POLLUTION including petro-chemicals.
24.) pH buffering – FBLC masks pH extremes (Yale research improved root growth pH 3- pH 5).
25.) Reduce fertilizer 25% due to increased uptake and root growth makes plants more efficient.
26.) Improves germination time.
27.) Can be mixed with other AG products saving additional applications.
28.) Can be used EVERYTIME plants are watered.
29.) Professional grade commercial product.
30.) Foliar feed for foliar plant nutrition and physical barrier to disease.
31.) Soil drench feeds soil micro life deeply carrying diverse elements deep into the soil.
32.) FBLC makes grass stand up!
33.) Safe – Non toxic.
34.) Inhibits algae growth.
35.) Cost effective concentrate and super concentrate formulas.
36.) Unconditionally guaranteed!
37.) 30+ year FBLC customer said “FBLC makes my customers lawns glow”.
38.) Golf Superintendent quote “I use FBLC to move water through my greens”.
39.) Golf Superintendent quote “FBLC holds the fertilizer in the turf”.
40.) 100% Natural/Organic.


Before: This lawn was treated with a product like ChemLawn 


After a month of treatment with Feedback Liquid Compost

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