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We are offering several classes in Draft Horse Driving Level 1. This class is good for agricultural and commercial purposes. These classes are available privately and in a 12wk comprehensive course, offered 2x this year. This class tends to fill quickly so don't hesitate contacting us for more information. 


We are open to work exchange and sliding scale payments. We are seeking sponsors for up to 30 individuals in 2021.


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There are several options for learning to drive horses with us. 


  • Private classes focusing on what your needs are. Available for teaching singles, teams for pleasure, urban and agricultural work. 


  • 12 week course with 10-15 students. This course is for serious students of real horsepower. It is designed to enlighten and inspire our students to see the many opportunities that driving draft horses can bring. 


We will cover proper draft horse care, improve horse handling and communication skills and focus on holistic approach to equine management. 


We cover working horse history and present day roles of the working horses especially in relation to urban and rural agricultural and forest keeping practices. 


Our students learn how to harness and drive a single horse and a team, how to hitch and unhitch with an emphasis on SAFETY! 


This course is an intensive, hands on course that requires dedication, hard work, willingness, awareness and compassion. Our students improve their equine and interpersonal skills, developing an intimate bond with the horses and with each other. 


We slowly introduce new material and build a solid foundation first, our students become well prepared for adapting to new situations and a strong understanding about the fundamentals of working in partnership with draft horses. 


We aim to touch upon everything draft horse related. This includes proper familiarity of anatomy,  their care, feed, veterinary requirements, behavior, training, harness care, and the fundamentals of harnessing, fitting harness properly, driving properly. 


We also discuss in-depth the historical accomplishments and cultural contributions of these horses in the pre and post industrial building of our country. We also explore the emotional benefits of working in partnership with a draft animal. 


The ecological and economic challenges facing tomorrow's farmers and horse owners are numerous and overwhelming, but working horses are a way forward. Small farmers not only avoid the use of fossil fuel powered heavy equipment, which helps in the marketing organic produce as unique eco-friendly horse powered produce. 


We also help our students learn the benefits of driving horses in towns and cities, whether as an independent business or with one of the many urban stables we are affiliated with. 


  • Cost negotiated individually. Work exchange and sliding scale options available. We are able to accommodate Covid 19 restrictions, keeping proper distance and mask wearing. 

  • You are welcome to call or text for consultation and help. Leave a message or TXT 413-813-2000 and we will get back to you ASAP!

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