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Welcome to Equiculture at Anam Cara Farm!

​We are a small farm enterprise in Canaan Maine working to support draft horses in need.

Our proceeds go to caring for a herd of 15 retired, disabled and homeless draft horses who help us teach, serve and build community with their superior help environmentally, socially and personally!

Come and visit or follow along while we design and build a unique farm that takes good care of the land and the horses special needs. ​​

We are a grassroots, start up small business with a serious concern for our own kind, humankind, the soil, the well being and natural balance of nature and our disconnect from our roles as stewards with our living ecosystems.

We believe horses, all horses, are perfect mirrors to mankind on a cultural and individual level. They possess the gifts necessary to help us connect with nature and find coherence between our hearts and heads so that we can see clearly and begin to deepen our love for Mother Earth

Our support of this herd is only possible with the help of its community local and global.

Please check out our most important product. It is powerful soil restoration 
amendment with special additives to help stimulate and heal even the most polluted of soils. 


What We Do

Become a member of the Draft Animal Power Network! Our friends at DAPNet highlight ongoing efforts of people throughout the region who are educating, mentoring, and building community around animal-power. Their DAPMap is an interactive tool to find and connect with others in the animal-powered community. 

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