The herd on our farm are all former residents of the popular Blue Star Equiculture, a sanctuary for retired, disabled and homeless working horses that operated from 2009-2019. This very special sanctuary worked hard to include the local communities by offering multiple opportunities to get to know the working horses better. 

This mission inspired and enlightened countless individuals on the present day status of working horses in America. Many learned for the first time the reality of extinction for some of our most beloved breeds. The Clydesdales, Shires and Suffolk Punch along with many of our American bred draft horses like the now nearly extinct American Cream draft horses are all within a generation of leaving us forever. 

We have kept alive the heart of the mission of Blue Star Equiculture in order to continue to bring more understanding to the real value of their contribution past, present and into a shared future.

With a few friends, all devoted to the special individuals on the former BSE farm, we decided to carry on with the most vulnerable members and some others we made a commitment too. A commitment to helping them tell the story of who they are and how they fit in our lives. 

There are three Clyde youngsters, Maize, Blue and Star, who will move onto lives with others who will love and appreciate and share them as we do.There are four abled bodied work horses, Tommy, Piper, Mario and Punch.  Six disabled horses, Bill, Sarge, Mongo, Ben, Foxy, Alfie. Five retired/elder former working horses, Feather, Finbar, Gallant, Thunder and little Fallon. We appreciate them all, with their unique personalities and experiences. 

We appreciate their help in teaching driving skills, draft horse husbandry, land care and soil restoration as well as performing horse powered work in the community with countless groups, schools, veterans and in parades. 

We hope you will join us in giving them the opportunities they deserve so that they can stay alongside us.


You can become a part of our efforts by becoming a part of their lives too. You can do that by supporting our GOFUNDME for providing driving skills to those seeking a comprehensive program that provides a solid foundation of understanding for a horse powered way of life.

Or you can become a monthly or one time subscribing member of this community which allows us to share with the community in more dynamic and meaningful ways like developing a YouTube channel in order to interview and connect with other great leaders of change in environmental stewardship, horse powered farmers and loggers and native communities we have had long standing relationships with.

Or you can buy our soil care products that stand alone in their effectiveness for restoring any soil to pristine health and fertility. 

That contribution along with opportunities available for the "working" members of the herd will keep this herd with us for long into the future where they belong!

We know the goodness and value they bring to any community and we want to share it with you. 


All of us at Equiculture at Alderman Farm

Horses and Humans!

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Hannah narrating our parade of characters in our Hoofprints in History performance during our Open House Sept. 25th and 26th.
Hannah narrating our parade of characters in our Hoofprints in History performance during our Open House Sept. 25th and 26th.

A couple of months ago I received a message from my friend Hannah Gavagah. I met Hannah in Philadelphia while working as a tour guide in the National Park with 76 Carriage Co. Like so many relationships I made during that time, many endured the test of time, most of the people I grew close too are still some of my best friends. I loved Hannah immediately, everything about her. Hannah was dating another carriage driver friend at the time and they were both in acting school at the Philadelphia University of the Arts School.

Hannah was and still is extremely talented, funny and smart, really smart. I knew Hannah would use her success (something I felt strongly would happen for her) to make a difference in the world, for the better. I didn't foresee her coming to work with us because at the time we met Hannah was terribly allergic to horses!

Nevertheless after more than a decade I received a message from Hannah asking if I would be open to her learning and living on the farm so she could connect to nature and heal that very natural side of herself who was missing nature and the mysterious and powerful effect it can have. Neither of us really grappled just how much we needed each other. I have what Hannah needs with the opportunities she was seeking and Hannah is exactly what I need in order to run this incredibly special farm.

Her arrival only a few days before our first Open House immersed her immediately in what this life really is...a lot of really hard work, physically, emotionally, spiritually. Farming AND being open to the public is hard no matter where you come from or what you have experience with and very few can just jump into it, especially after living in a city, as Hannah has for so long.

But.....Hannah is different, different in the way most extraordinary people are, they don't measure things by what they look like but more what they "feel" like....they measure themselves against what is required to have that life and in that way they jump into it without looking back.

There is where Hannah and I are very very similar and what has drawn us together to begin with. We have spirits that will not settle for things of this world or even promises of the next world, we live according to how something "feels" to us mentally, physically and spiritually. They have to all feel "right" or we won't do it, as much as we want to fit in this way, we can't and maybe that is exactly the way to be in this incredibly complicated time we are in.

I am a firm believer in not believing what a human says but more in what they actually "do". I haven't met very many people willing to do this life as an advocate for working horses, its hard, messy and a lot of the time very very sad. Sad in the way we all know when we witness the ending of something purposeful and "right". Our farming and horse culture in America has suffered a lot of hits with "myth of progress" put upon them in early 1900's. Reclaiming this culture of skills and common sense can seem lost forever if you only scratch the surface, but that is not the whole story and Hannah is a story teller, if she could be described as anything perfectly, that would be it. Hannah wants to tell the story of the working horses in America because they have touched her in the same way they have touched something so deep in so many of us....the horses do know how to unlock our real potential, they are a gift to us that way.

For those that have followed me and this work for years now, you know I am relentless in the face of every kind of obstacle and set back. That is because I know the great power the horses have and they continue to free me from my own tyranny every single day. That is essentially what I have wanted to share but couldn't quite do....until now.

For our supporters I am going to ask you to continue to follow along even though we have reached a new horizon, an intense horizon with countless opportunities for things to go really right or really wrong...socially. Hannah and I are here to say...together...from different generations....that it is our time.... for all the earth keepers and the horses ...who can and will help.

Please do stay tuned and follow Hannah here.. as she builds and creates our social media presence. Very soon we will have Patreon, YouTube, Tik Tok and other platforms and they will all be sharing the very simple message of love and appreciation that we have. It is time we get back to the garden and by that we mean it is time we get back to who we really are as caretakers and we can do it by learning from and thanking those that shared so much with us, especially culturally...the horses and those that live their lives with them.

We have only just begun our journey to real success! Success in being the positive change our communities need with our horses alongside, where they belong.

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Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson are not the only ones reaching for the skies, realizing dreams and exploring creating a better future (hopefully here on Earth!)

We are too! And I could say we are just as excited as they are, for real.

For years I have kept alive a very special dream I have about creating a horse drawn wagon tour. Here in the beautiful nature called the Berkshires, somehow, miraculously it has all come together to make it possible to do this beautiful dream I have! A dream that would feature meeting historical and animated figures through time that changed their worlds and ours with their horses at their sides. There has never been the time or resources or committed people...until now.

Turns out there are so many that we could have new characters every season for the rest of our lives! Horses really are that intricately involved in helping us shape history. With Carol Wiley and our students and friends devoted help this dream is fast becoming a reality.

When my husband died a few years ago I was left alone to live with and care for a herd of retired, homeless and disabled horses. Before his death Paul and I talked a lot about creative ways we could find support for the herd in communicating how important they really are to who we are culturally and dare I say...spiritually. In the months following his death, afraid and mostly alone with the huge responsibility of raising money and not wanting to give up, I read everything I could on how to communicate and create compelling messages and programs about conservation, soil restoration, horse powered alternatives.

I read books on the Amazon, Africa and Australia...all written by folks who struggled to get the attention their important work needed protecting and caring for land and animals and people as they deserved. Their innovative creativity is what saved their missions and in many cases catapulted them to the world stage.

While I knew I was in for an uphill battle just keeping the mission alive without my husband, I was determined to somehow create something that will give the horses their rightful place in our hearts and minds and in that way help bring the retired, homeless and disabled horses the attention and care they deserve, especially when they have nowhere else to go.

Punch and one of his students, Towner! Having a conversation about their next adventure!

Being creative and reminding folks of the horses contribution is inspiring but re-enacting famous personas with living horses is an experience that can go much deeper and stay much longer with someone. Associating historical accomplishments or stories that inspire and help uplift humanity is an important component of this mission while honoring our noble equine friends. Having them be the ones that benefit, in every way that matters to them, we accomplish can do a lot of good for Horses, Humans and Mother Earth.


Having a conversation with Queen Elizabeth about horses...of course!

Scroll through the pictures above to get an idea of what is in store!

Merida and Angus from Disney's BRAVE, George Washington with beloved bay Nelson and his ceremonial horse named Bluskin or how about Queen Elizabeth l as she demonstrates her incredible power and skill with her French/Spanish Royal horse!

There are many more and everyone is breathtaking and inspiring as we try our best to make the most of our farm, a farm created to inspire, instruct, heal and connect with horses. Past, Present and into a Drafted better Future!

Check out the slide show above and take note of the date of our Open House.

You can meet all the characters created so far, eight of them, with their horses and celebrate with us as we look forward to a better more fruitful and positive year for our farm and the opportunities it brings us all!

Please take a look at the products page for the formulas for soil we have and support the horses here by buying some for your own land! These are superior formulas eliminate the need for complicated processes and time consuming applications. You can restore your soil simply, very effectively and quickly. TEXT 413-813-2000 if you need to share about your special needs for production or gardens, farms, hydroponics or WHATEVER you need to help your soil and plants heal and share their amazing gifts too!

We are experiencing what so many farmers, businesses and projects like ours is experiencing. Without being able to officially open for over a year and delays imposed socially due to COVID restrictions we have fallen behind. It is time now for me to call on all friends of the herd to not only support their contributions but also to do something really positive for your own land! A real win/win!

Or you can support a person less fortunate to learn these important draft powered skills with our GOFUNDME any amount you share is a tremendous help. We know how big their circle is, together we can keep their work alive and keep them together, where they belong. All instructors volunteer their time so that 100% goes to the horses needs, they are the REAL teachers after all!

Thank you from all the draft-sized hearts and the human sized ones too!

With love, Pam and all the rest of us of course! Horses and Humans!

P.S. if you are an actor, wanna be actor, historical tour guide, re-enactor, creative creator, laid back and generally open person, horse experience or not and this project of re-enacting with the horses inspires you and you are interested in learning more or meeting us to see if you would like participate don't hesitate to reach out! You are invited! email us at info@equiculture.online Tell us what you have in mind!

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For years I have been having conversations in my head, alone in my head, about the life I lead with a very special herd of retired, disabled and homeless horses. I am actually talking to an imaginary audience (in my head) who represent the community of people that I know love the horses like I do. I inwardly talk about the daily routine, the unexpected experiences, the milestones, the setbacks, the love and the fear too. The problem I have, especially since the passing of my husband Paul, is the deep anxiety I feel when I try to share...good or bad. It began shortly after Paul died and has only gotten worse, even though I have gotten better at almost everything else. However unless I deal with this extremely uncomfortable state I will never get to say what I know to be true...horses are good for us and much much more.

The work horses, always the work horses, have prompted me to make the effort to break through these limiting states of mind so that my friends and supporters can receive the ongoing unfolding of this unique and exceptional farm for learning.

Horses are good for us in the same way that nature is. Horses are nature (as are we) and by inviting them into our lives, in whatever form it is, we reconnect to an awareness and consciousness that is expansive and deeply healing and a perfect prescription for the times we find ourselves in today.

If we learn to listen, with patience and reverence, the earth and all its creatures can motivate us to connect with our own innate wisdom, the part that is most attuned to the rhythms of life. When we become discouraged, horses urge us to keep going, to pursue the inner path that leads us to the Oneness and peace, peace of mind, where real peace begins.

The farmer who lives close to the land, learning to hear it messages, knows that he is not alone but that he works with a much larger entity, with its own rhythms and seasons. In the same way we can take good care of an ancient friend, partner and time traveler through history and receive the unexpected gifts that come from aligning ourselves with our own innate goodness and the goodness in nature and others.

I feel ready to finally share in the way I have always dreamt of so please bare with me as I trip and stumble my way towards getting these words out of my head and out to the world. It matters that we move past our fear in order to bring something good to and for each other. This is my part...

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