There's a hay shortage in New England.

Hay is our biggest expense, and prices are skyrocketing. We need your support. 

Please help by joining our Patreon or donating to our GoFundMe via the buttons below.

Watch the interview with Donald Ela, our hay provider, to learn what this means for our horses and community. 


Our services include:

Welcome to the Farm!


There was a saying in European and early American culture: show me your horse, and I will tell you who you are.


We are who we are because of our horses. The American framework of industry, distribution, and delivery was created with horsepower. This chapter in American history is largely forgotten along with the skills required to work with and care for these large breeds. With the serious environmental issues we are facing globally, we must reconnect.

Our mission is to restore an ancient connection that heals not only our horses, but ourselves. That is the real horsepower.

We hope you will join us in giving them the opportunities they deserve so that they can stay alongside us.

With gratitude,

The Horses, Cows, and Humans

at Alderman Farm

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