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Driving Lessons




The ecological and economic challenges facing tomorrow's farmers and horse owners are numerous and overwhelming, but working horses are a way forward. 

We offer classes in Draft Horse Driving Level 1. Our intensive courses are hands-on and require dedication, hard work, willingness, and compassion. Our students improve their equine and interpersonal skills, developing an intimate bond with the horses and with each other. 


We slowly introduce new material and build a solid foundation. Our students graduate with a  preparedness for adapting to new situations and a strong understanding about the fundamentals of working in partnership with draft horses. 

Cost is negotiated individually. Work exchange and sliding scale options are available. We are able to accommodate Covid 19 restrictions, keeping proper distance and mask wearing. 

Classes fill quickly, so please do not hesitate to call/text us at 413-813-2000 or email us at for consultation and more info. 


We are seeking sponsors for up to 30 individuals in 2023. Learn more on sponsoring students via our GoFundMe.


Or contribute directly to our PayPal below to avoid some of your funds going to fees! 


  • Private classes focusing on what your individual needs are. Focused on teaching driving skills for singles and teams for pleasure, urban, and agricultural work. 

  • 12 week course with 10-15 students. This course is for serious students of real horsepower. It is designed to enlighten and inspire our students to discover the many opportunities that driving draft horses can bring. 



  • Draft horse care

  • Horse handling

  • Communication skills

  • Holistic approach to equine management

  • Working horse history

  • Present day roles in relation to urban, rural, agricultural, and forest keeping practices

  • Harnessing and driving single horse and teams

  • Hitching and unhitching with an emphasis on SAFETY! 

  • Exploration of the emotional benefits of working in partnership with a draft animal

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