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If I make a donation to Equiculture, is it tax deductible?

Sponsorships are viewed as a charitable gift and are tax deductible. You can sponsor a student to go through our driving course, sponsor bales of hay, etc. You can sponsor day to day expenses for Equiculture directly. Patreon membership is NOT tax deductible. 

You used to be a non-profit. Why aren't you anymore?

It requires a committed staff of people to handle the paperworks and all things money. We simply dont have that. We are following a new trend in non profit and are going through the process of becoming a B Corp. When we are, everyone benefits. We want everyone to benefit. Reestablishing ourselves as a B Corp

I want to help the horses, but I don't have money to spare. How else can I help?

interact and share our socials. if youre local come by groom a horse and volunteer. walk the horses. let us know. spread the word of our campaigns. Put up flyers we can send to you. 

How do I order FeedBack for soil restoration?

in the process of creating a way to order. 

ANy questions? Send em in and we will share it to our FAQs!

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