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Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson are not the only ones reaching for the skies, realizing dreams and exploring creating a better future (hopefully here on Earth!)

We are too! And I could say we are just as excited as they are, for real.

For years I have kept alive a very special dream I have about creating a horse drawn wagon tour. Here in the beautiful nature called the Berkshires, somehow, miraculously it has all come together to make it possible to do this beautiful dream I have! A dream that would feature meeting historical and animated figures through time that changed their worlds and ours with their horses at their sides. There has never been the time or resources or committed people...until now.

Turns out there are so many that we could have new characters every season for the rest of our lives! Horses really are that intricately involved in helping us shape history. With Carol Wiley and our students and friends devoted help this dream is fast becoming a reality.

When my husband died a few years ago I was left alone to live with and care for a herd of retired, homeless and disabled horses. Before his death Paul and I talked a lot about creative ways we could find support for the herd in communicating how important they really are to who we are culturally and dare I say...spiritually. In the months following his death, afraid and mostly alone with the huge responsibility of raising money and not wanting to give up, I read everything I could on how to communicate and create compelling messages and programs about conservation, soil restoration, horse powered alternatives.

I read books on the Amazon, Africa and Australia...all written by folks who struggled to get the attention their important work needed protecting and caring for land and animals and people as they deserved. Their innovative creativity is what saved their missions and in many cases catapulted them to the world stage.

While I knew I was in for an uphill battle just keeping the mission alive without my husband, I was determined to somehow create something that will give the horses their rightful place in our hearts and minds and in that way help bring the retired, homeless and disabled horses the attention and care they deserve, especially when they have nowhere else to go.

Punch and one of his students, Towner! Having a conversation about their next adventure!

Being creative and reminding folks of the horses contribution is inspiring but re-enacting famous personas with living horses is an experience that can go much deeper and stay much longer with someone. Associating historical accomplishments or stories that inspire and help uplift humanity is an important component of this mission while honoring our noble equine friends. Having them be the ones that benefit, in every way that matters to them, we accomplish can do a lot of good for Horses, Humans and Mother Earth.


Having a conversation with Queen Elizabeth about horses...of course!

Scroll through the pictures above to get an idea of what is in store!

Merida and Angus from Disney's BRAVE, George Washington with beloved bay Nelson and his ceremonial horse named Bluskin or how about Queen Elizabeth l as she demonstrates her incredible power and skill with her French/Spanish Royal horse!

There are many more and everyone is breathtaking and inspiring as we try our best to make the most of our farm, a farm created to inspire, instruct, heal and connect with horses. Past, Present and into a Drafted better Future!

Check out the slide show above and take note of the date of our Open House.

You can meet all the characters created so far, eight of them, with their horses and celebrate with us as we look forward to a better more fruitful and positive year for our farm and the opportunities it brings us all!

Please take a look at the products page for the formulas for soil we have and support the horses here by buying some for your own land! These are superior formulas eliminate the need for complicated processes and time consuming applications. You can restore your soil simply, very effectively and quickly. TEXT 413-813-2000 if you need to share about your special needs for production or gardens, farms, hydroponics or WHATEVER you need to help your soil and plants heal and share their amazing gifts too!

We are experiencing what so many farmers, businesses and projects like ours is experiencing. Without being able to officially open for over a year and delays imposed socially due to COVID restrictions we have fallen behind. It is time now for me to call on all friends of the herd to not only support their contributions but also to do something really positive for your own land! A real win/win!

Or you can support a person less fortunate to learn these important draft powered skills with our GOFUNDME any amount you share is a tremendous help. We know how big their circle is, together we can keep their work alive and keep them together, where they belong. All instructors volunteer their time so that 100% goes to the horses needs, they are the REAL teachers after all!

Thank you from all the draft-sized hearts and the human sized ones too!

With love, Pam and all the rest of us of course! Horses and Humans!

P.S. if you are an actor, wanna be actor, historical tour guide, re-enactor, creative creator, laid back and generally open person, horse experience or not and this project of re-enacting with the horses inspires you and you are interested in learning more or meeting us to see if you would like participate don't hesitate to reach out! You are invited! email us at Tell us what you have in mind!

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