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Finding the right words...

For years I have been having conversations in my head, alone in my head, about the life I lead with a very special herd of retired, disabled and homeless horses. I am actually talking to an imaginary audience (in my head) who represent the community of people that I know love the horses like I do. I inwardly talk about the daily routine, the unexpected experiences, the milestones, the setbacks, the love and the fear too. The problem I have, especially since the passing of my husband Paul, is the deep anxiety I feel when I try to share...good or bad. It began shortly after Paul died and has only gotten worse, even though I have gotten better at almost everything else. However unless I deal with this extremely uncomfortable state I will never get to say what I know to be true...horses are good for us and much much more.

The work horses, always the work horses, have prompted me to make the effort to break through these limiting states of mind so that my friends and supporters can receive the ongoing unfolding of this unique and exceptional farm for learning.

Horses are good for us in the same way that nature is. Horses are nature (as are we) and by inviting them into our lives, in whatever form it is, we reconnect to an awareness and consciousness that is expansive and deeply healing and a perfect prescription for the times we find ourselves in today.

If we learn to listen, with patience and reverence, the earth and all its creatures can motivate us to connect with our own innate wisdom, the part that is most attuned to the rhythms of life. When we become discouraged, horses urge us to keep going, to pursue the inner path that leads us to the Oneness and peace, peace of mind, where real peace begins.

The farmer who lives close to the land, learning to hear it messages, knows that he is not alone but that he works with a much larger entity, with its own rhythms and seasons. In the same way we can take good care of an ancient friend, partner and time traveler through history and receive the unexpected gifts that come from aligning ourselves with our own innate goodness and the goodness in nature and others.

I feel ready to finally share in the way I have always dreamt of so please bare with me as I trip and stumble my way towards getting these words out of my head and out to the world. It matters that we move past our fear in order to bring something good to and for each other. This is my part...

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