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There you are!

It has been such a thrill to discover how many subscribers we have in just a couple of days! I want to share a really big personal THANK YOU but I can't figure out how...yet....

I am so happy. After a very long and quiet and slow and challenging year, for humans everywhere, it is so comforting to see so many old friends and some recent friends joining us too. The horses appreciate these kinds of things in their own ways and it is not always obvious how they feel but we can tell the mood around the farm is even better. This herd LOVES their friends, the visits, the treats, the love and appreciation. It is amazing how they come to see their favorite people when they visit or how they line up when they would like to be groomed next.

It is important that you know you are invited to visit. You can TXT or email 413-813-2000 Important because we know what it means to so many of you who have relationships with this herd. You are welcome always, we just need to be sure to follow COVID guidelines, so scheduling has to happen but there is always room for a visit from a loved one, even if you are new.

Once we are officially allowed to open we will provide scheduled tours too. I am just really happy to have a platform to begin communicating on regularly. We have a new Facebook page for the horses and the work, please go and like and we can begin building the new community we have become!

I am learning how to use this system and in between all the other things I have to do, it is taking some time, but I am excited to share all the countless ways the horses have already improved our lives, and their new friends lives, in the Berkshires! Stay tuned!

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