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Welcome to all old friends and new friends. I am glad you are here, it is my hope to share something useful if only to lift your spirits regularly with the amazing photography so many share and in particular long time herd lover Carole Wiley.

This blog will be my opportunity to talk to the world about what we do, why we do it and what purpose it actually serves! For now look around and get a general idea. If you have followed our former sanctuary Blue Star Equiculture, so much will feel familiar!

That is because we kept everything that made Blue Star so special alive and I would say the spirit that it is made of is stronger than ever. I believe that is because more and more horse folks and fans of working horse culture are sharing the working horses all over the world and recognizing that there is a very special connection and valuable skills that should be carried forward into this new future we are building.

For now I want to say hi and ask that you stay tuned. Give this herd and the people that care for them a moment of your time and in that way build more community that we all need so much now, not just virtually but with a real living, alive and thriving old farm in the Berkshires of Massachusetts.

We have lots of friends who are leaders in this work, teamsters, loggers, trainers, native leaders with learning models from North and South America for connecting to the horses and nature. These friends are looking forward to sharing with us as we carry on into the future..together.

If you care about animals, habitats, working horses, history, culture, soil restoration, healthy plants and flowers and trees and more....if you care about these things you are in the right place.

This special farm will need all of its friends right now and that means doing something really good for your own land, or houseplants or whatever nature you care about and buying one of the most powerful soil amendment formulas you can buy!

We have started this business of selling these amazing formulas, first time to the general public in this way, for the purposes of helping our farm with all its residents of retired, disabled and homeless horses. These formulas are used on well established golf courses, produce and flower farms, nurseries, sod farms, tree farms and many many more. Please let me know if you would like a reference!

Try it! You can't lose! IT is a WIN WIN if you love horses and your garden, farm, golf courses, playing field and anything that grows.

Check out what we have here! Call or TXT 413-813-2000 I am standing by ready to help! We are in the mountains and don't have perfect service but if you leave a message I will get back to you ASAP!

Meanwhile, stay tuned and stay in touch! Thank you for joining us in drafting a better future for all life! I am looking forward to sharing all that goes on around the farm!

Pamela Rickenbach!

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Good to see your face!! And those beauties that you care for...❣️ Be well!

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